I&#039m writing server application with wind on my back, but few days before nightmare starts ... <BR><BR>platform: w2000server,ie5,frontpage2000 <BR><BR>everything is ok, until some response create a 17-th new cookie using response.cookie method. <BR> I checked setting in iis manager, but i didn&#039t find something "hot", to solve this ... <BR><BR>&#062; but what happend after server try store a new 17-th cookie... ? <BR><BR>new cookie is usually created, but any old one cookie is empty(overwriten to null), and after this session_on start is called, what reset a user session. <BR><BR>------- <BR>* It is possible to have more cookies ? i think yes... <BR>* What about use session object ? i think, for better performance no .. <BR>* Exist any script that can manage size of memory for cookies ? i don&#039t know ? is some default value initialized (cookie memory size )? how is connected this with session on start ? i don&#039t know ... <BR>------------------------------------------------------ <BR>please,take a look? thank you<BR>victoria <BR><BR>