17-th cookies in my app start problem . what ? .

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Thread: 17-th cookies in my app start problem . what ? .

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    Default 17-th cookies in my app start problem . what ? .

    I&#039m writing server application with wind on my back, but few days before nightmare starts ... <BR><BR>platform: w2000server,ie5,frontpage2000 <BR><BR>everything is ok, until some response create a 17-th new cookie using response.cookie method. <BR> I checked setting in iis manager, but i didn&#039t find something "hot", to solve this ... <BR><BR>&#062; but what happend after server try store a new 17-th cookie... ? <BR><BR>new cookie is usually created, but any old one cookie is empty(overwriten to null), and after this session_on start is called, what reset a user session. <BR><BR>------- <BR>* It is possible to have more cookies ? i think yes... <BR>* What about use session object ? i think, for better performance no .. <BR>* Exist any script that can manage size of memory for cookies ? i don&#039t know ? is some default value initialized (cookie memory size )? how is connected this with session on start ? i don&#039t know ... <BR>------------------------------------------------------<BR>a few words was tellen on this yesterday ,but it didn&#039t help ...<BR><BR>please,take a look? thanx 1000000 times <BR><BR>

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    Default 17 per user?!.

    You&#039re storing 17 cookies per user?! Why? I believe technically you can have a browser will accept 30 cookies per site, but still. Each cookie can hold up to 4K of data. Are you filling up each cookie with this much info? If so, what the heck are you storing?! If not, why not just use one or two cookies with multiple keys?<BR><BR>response.cookies("newCookie")("userNa me")="bob"<BR>response.cookies("newCookie")("hasPa nts"="no"<BR>etc...<BR><BR>

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