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    Stevan Guest

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    I want to spend a few weeks to teach myself ASP. Naturally Ive been looking at whats available in regards to textbooks and have narrowed it down to &#039SAMS Active Server Pages in 21 Days&#039 and &#039Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0&#039 by the people at Wrox.<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with either book or even another book?<BR><BR>Are there any tips out there anyone wants to share when it comes to learning ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    E! Guest

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    You have started in the right place... Along with this website, and others like,,<BR><BR>I would also getting access to a pc where you can play... Whether it is your own machine running Win 98 with PWS, or an NT or 2000 server running IIS... Trial and error is a great tool for learning. Check out this site too:<BR><BR> Bill Wilkinson is a great resource... He is the man!

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    I&#039ve got a copy of Beginning Active ServerPages 2.0 and I find it very good. Excellent examples and easy-to-read explanations. If Beginning ASP 3.0 is as good, I would recommend it. Once you need more detail, the sites mentioned by E! are all excellent sources of more detailed (and technical) descriptions.<BR><BR>Also, just idly looking through this messageboard provides a lot of tips and hints.<BR><BR>As E! says, just start playing. It&#039s amazing how quickly you can hack around with examples to get things going the way you want. (I&#039ve probably upset the s/w purists here now but never mind).<BR><BR>One thing, there is no debugging in W98 (unless you use interdev or similar) and the W2000 standard script debugger is pretty poor as well.<BR><BR>John

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    What I started with was a copy of Visual InterDev and Sams Visual InterDev Unleashed... it starts you out with explaining the theory, then the specific examples you&#039d want to use, such as e-commerce, how to use it in collaboration with Transact-SQL, VB-Script etc. Also, it has some GREAT quick reference appendices for HTML, SQL, VBScript and Object Model Scripting.<BR><BR>Overall, whatever explains things in a way you can grasp and understand is best... there&#039s so many books, it&#039s a crapshoot as to who will put ideas out that are just up your alley.

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