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    Default Form's format in a subroutine

    when i pass a Form to a subroutine, it will be like :<BR>&#060;%<BR>sub testing(aForm)<BR>dim TheForm<BR>Set TheForm = Document.forms(aName)<BR>If TheForm.X.value = ...... &#060;- the "X" here<BR>..<BR>%&#062;<BR>if I use &#060;option type="text" name="test"&i ... &#062;<BR>that means i don&#039t know how many "name" are there,and when i pass the form to the testing subroutine, i don&#039t know the name of the "X" is .<BR>So is there anyway to find it out in the subroutine?<BR>

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    Default Sorry, but that code is nonsense...

    You show using client side constructs in ASP source code.<BR><BR>You can&#039t do that! It will *NOT* work!<BR><BR>&#060;% ... %&#062; code *only* runs on the server.<BR><BR>document.forms is a collection that exists *only* on the client.<BR><BR>

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