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    Ronald Guest

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    hi, got a doubt on performance. here is the lines of code.<BR><BR>dim cnn,rs<BR><BR>set cnn=adodb.connection<BR>set rs=adodb.recordset<BR><BR>rs.caschesize=100 //i want to retrieve records t<BR> interval of 100 from dbase.<BR> somesql,cnn,adopenstatic,lockreadonly<BR><BR>probl em is when i retrieve around 1000 records its fine. but when i retrieve around half a million records or say considerably more than 1000 then server load is to peak and my application is crashing.<BR><BR>is there anything to do with cachesize for this or any specific reason? i would be happy if anyone can point out where i am going wrong.<BR><BR>i feel that retrieveing records in chunks of 100 per time would work in maintaining the server load.<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>Ronald

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    cross posting is evil. stop it now.<BR><BR>j

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

    Default retrieve only what u need

    if u retrive too many reords, your sript will timeout, so , like you have noted yourself, you will need to retrivve only what u need.<BR><BR>and one nice way of doing that is to ask the user questions<BR>for example if your tables are abbout produtcts, then ask user to choose a group, then capaity, and so on, then filter reords on these conditions, that way u can reduce the numbber of records that u need to show

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