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    i know, probably you hear a lot of these question..but my boss won&#039t free me until i show him there isn&#039t a good way.<BR><BR>* so is there a way to fax from asp with WINFAX ?!<BR>* beside ASP_FAX which needed the server, isn&#039t any other way to fax from asp?!<BR>(not to email a service so that he will fax for me...)<BR><BR>please get my boss out from my back!!<BR>:-)<BR>thank you.<BR>

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    you&#039d need to write an interface into the fax software in a language like Java, C++ or VB (if the software has available interfaces)<BR><BR>then you&#039d need a nifty way of managing queues, and a phone line attached to the ASP server.<BR><BR>so yes, it&#039s possible, but it&#039s a lot of work.<BR><BR>j

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    If you want to use winfax.<BR>you may need to install winfax SDK.<BR>and I hv found some usefull script in symantec.<BR><BR>I have not try it yet but I need to do the same task.<BR>so we can work it out together.<BR><BR>hope it help.<BR><BR>kelvin@mcit.com.hk<BR><BR><BR>&#060;% @ language=vbscript%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>Set objWinfaxSend = Server.CreateObject("WinFax.SDKSend")<BR>objWinfax Send.SetCoverText "test CoverText2"<BR>objWinfaxSend.SetSubject "test Subject"<BR>objWinfaxSend.SetCountryCode "1"<BR>objWinfaxSend.SetAreaCode "847"<BR>objWinfaxSend.SetNumber "5572217"<BR>objWinfaxSend.SetTo "test To"<BR>objWinfaxSend.AddRecipient<BR>objWinfaxSend .Send 0<BR>Set objWinfaxSend = Nothing<BR>% <BR><BR>

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