hi ppl.. this is urgent and may not have somethng to do with ASP in general...<BR> actualy, i have this site on MS site server .. and to simulate it our end , i have got the folders from the client at my end... IT basically involves cookie based authentication scheme for registration...<BR>i have this very specific error message which say <BR><BR>"Incorrect Personalization Information.<BR>The account specified in the MemUser cookie does not exist or the GUID does not match."<BR><BR>Via this page, i am just trying to view this page by saying "view in browser" via interdev..<BR><BR>where or what is the nature of the problem...<BR>is it bcos the GUID of both siteserve at different locations do not match... ? what is ? <BR><BR><BR>please help..<BR><BR>thanks..<BR><BR>nikhil