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    How to call a java class on an ASP page?<BR>Can anybody suggest a good url on calling Java classes with IIS 4.0?

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    You can&#039t call a class directly (well, you can with the ChiliSoft Chili!Bean component, but that only comes with ChiliSoft ASP, so...).<BR><BR>You have to use MS J++ and "wrap" the Java class inside an ActiveX COM component. Then you can call the ActiveX component from ASP.<BR><BR>No, I have never done this, but the directions for creating ActiveX controls from MS J++ Java should be in the J++ docs.<BR><BR>No, you cannot use another VM to do this, unless you can figure out how to do your own COM wrappers. (Which we did, but it is *not* easy. Lots and lots of custom C code, for example.)<BR><BR>

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