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    In my site, the pages access a database. They need to add create, read, update, and delete records in that database using the ASP&#039s. I have an ftp site set up too, and they will need to upload, download, and delete. Which permissions do I have to grant IUSER_MACHINENAME in order to do all of this? <BR>For example:<BR>When the user wants to delete a record in the database, the record is displayed on the ASP, and they click delete, server-side script runs opening the connection and deletes the record. So, is it IUSER_MACHINENAME that is doing the deleting? And if so, do I have to grant permission for IUSER_MACHINENAME to Delete Subfolders and Files, and Delete?<BR>And do I have to grant allow scripts and executables? <BR>Thanks in advance for any help. <BR>

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    depends on the database. Access requires IUSR &#039read/write&#039 permission on the database folder, because Access/Jet needs to write a locking file in the directory to use the file.<BR><BR>your FTP account will have a username and password, so you won&#039t be IUSR - so you don&#039t need to worry there<BR><BR>SQL server databases manage their security seperately, so IUSR doesn&#039t need any permissions on that. Generally, IUSR only needs read access, except in some circumstances, such as the Access problem, and when uploading files etc...<BR><BR>j

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