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    Is there any way to de-activate icons/buttons on the Navigation Tool Bar such as stop - search - edit - history etc. from within an ASP application using JavaScript or VBScript? All we need for our application is the back, forward, and print buttons.<BR>

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    Default Not ASP question...

    ...this is 100% dependent upon the particular browser the user has! So you would have to read the docs on each browser you allow your users to connect with and write code for each browser (all in client-side HTML, not in ASP). <BR><BR>And what do you do about the fact that every button in the navigation bar has at least one and usually two alternative ways of invoking it (e.g., keyboard shortcut or menu)??<BR><BR>Wouldn&#039t it be easier to pop up a new window with no navigation bar and then add your *own* "buttons" for the features you do need?<BR><BR>

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