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Thread: Z-index for <SELECT> drop-down list

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    We are trying to have a &#060;DIV&#062; overlap a select drop-down list. However, it appears that the z-index for a select drop-down list cannot be changed to 0 and/or 1.<BR><BR>How can a &#060;DIV&#062; overlap a &#060;SELECT&#062; area w/o the &#060;SELECT&#062; list showing through the &#060;DIV&#062;?<BR><BR>(the &#060;DIV&#062; contains a pop-up table with a list of items)<BR><BR>-barb<BR><BR>

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    some objects in IE cannot be controlled like this. Embedded Media Player, Real Audio Player and, worst of all &#060;select&#062; controls - I think Flash and Shockwave do it too. sorry, nothing can be done<BR><BR>j

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