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    Hello,<BR>First! THANKS A LOT FOR BEING THERE TO HELP US!<BR>I&#039m just starting to use ASP, but i&#039m looking in every message, trying to answer any question I can.<BR>and the question is......<BR>i&#039m using a framepage, in which the top page is html, and the main page is ASP. When i return a form result in the same ASP page, the top page (html) doesn&#039t refresh.<BR>what can I do?<BR>THANKS A LOT

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    This occurs because you are not actually refreshing the frameet, but are loading another ASP document in the bottom frame.<BR><BR>A posible solution would be to hav a javascript function fire when you submit the ASP document:<BR><BR>Try parent.frames[&#039framename&#039].location.reload();

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    this tip is very helpful to me...thanks!!!

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