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    I posted the below earlier today and due to the traffic it got kind of buried. I wanted to be sure you read this.<BR><BR><BR>This has been a tough year for our business just starting out and so fsr we have survived. Our goals at time exceeded our experience in programming and our budget to hire work out. <BR><BR>This forum was a Godsend to us during some very difficult issues for us. A lot of people helped us out and many thanks to all of you that did but 3 stand out in my mind. Akilesh, Bill Wilkinson, and Steve Cimino. These people went above and beyond to help me out and they have my thanks and gratitude. <BR><BR>It may sound silly but this Thanksgiving when I give thanks this forum will be one of the things I am thankful for. I hope everyone realizes what a wonderful thing this forum is and how dedicated these people are to helping others. How rare in todays&#039 world. <BR><BR>Again, my thanks to all who have helped me here. I haven&#039t learned it all and I know I will be back but I just wanted to say thanks.

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    Default I am sure everyone would agree with me...

    when i say that we ALL just try to help not just me or the three of us look at all the posts the number of people who try to help and what are they gaining out of this....nothing.<BR><BR>I come here cause there is an ocean out there i dont know anything about and i pick up a few drops while i am here. <BR><BR>So i guess i am being selfish and only come here looking for something to learn.<BR><BR>&#060;emotion type=blush&#062;All in all....i am glad i could help someone, however little my contribution might have been&#060;/emotion&#062;

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    Default The rules are simple...

    ...pass it on.<BR><BR>When you get the time and know an answer, help out the next person. That&#039s all it is about. Nothing more.<BR><BR>

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