How do you pass an argument to method of a COM object which is itself a COM object. For example, I have an Object called "RATING_proj.RATING" which has a method "RATE". I have created the RATING object in VB, and I have declared its first parameter to be passed by VAlue (by putting BYVAL). The first parameter is also a COM object called ADDRESS. I create both Objects and then try to invoke RATE, and pass it the address object. I get an error indicating a type mismatch in RATE. I am including the ASP code below<BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE=VBSCRIPT RUNAT=SERVER&#062;<BR><BR>Dim Amount<BR><BR>Set Address1 = Server.CreateObject("Address_proj.Address")<BR>Set test1 = Server.CreateObject("Rating_proj.Rating")<BR>Addre ss1.set_address "Shah F Alam", "8825 Weller Rd", ""<BR>Address1.City = "Cincinnati"<BR>Call test1.Rate (Address1, Amount)<BR>Response.Write(Amount)<BR>Response.Flus h<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR>Does anyone have any ideas