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    Default radio buttons & check boxes "display only"

    I want to set check boxes & radio buttons based on database information. However, I do not want to allow changes to these displays. Is there a way to set these buttons/boxes to display only mode? Or, is there an alternative to displaying this information? Thanks.

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    SPG Guest

    Default Browser-Independent Solution

    Well, you could write up a little HTML form of checkboxes and radio buttons, take a screen shot, cut it into little .gifs and then send out images of a form. It will probably chew up a bit more bandwidth than sending out a form with DHTML, but it will work with any browser, regardless of whether or not they&#039ve got DHTML enabled.<BR><BR>No, it&#039s not what you expected, but it does what you asked for.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>SPG

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    Default i honestly thought it was easy

    i have never tried it so i really would not know but why get into DHTML and all that fancy stuff<BR><BR>would the onblur event not be able to handel this or even in onclick event in JS

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    bobby a Guest

    Default RE: i honestly thought it was easy

    The onClick is the answer for now. I am refreshing the value when onClick occurs. Users will never notice. The only difficulty I ran into was having to reset all buttons with the same name. When anyone of the buttons was clicked, I had to reset all of them..... <BR><BR>thanks for the suggestion.

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