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    Don DeMaio Guest

    Default Refresh my link for me!

    &nbsp;<BR>I have a link on my homepage ( that links to a weather service. It also shows the time. Unfortunately, it does not refresh the time and so users that keep my home page onscreen for more than a minute are shown the time they first called up the page, rather than the current time. I can refresh the page through the meta tag, but that&#039s a hassle. Does anyone know of a way to simply refresh the one link, instead of the entire page?

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    Louis Toyama Guest

    Default RE: Refresh my link for me!

    &#060;html><BR>&#060;head><BR>&#060;SCRIPT language="JavaScript"><BR><BR> &#060;!--<BR> var ctmnow=0;<BR> var cnewdt;<BR><BR> function cendtm() {<BR> if (ctmnow)<BR> clearTimeout(ctmnow);<BR> }<BR><BR> function cstarttm() {<BR> var ceh;<BR> var cem;<BR> var ces;<BR> if (ctmnow)<BR> {<BR> clearTimeout(ctmnow);<BR> ctmnow=0;<BR> }<BR> cnewdt = new Date();<BR> ceh=cnewdt.getHours();<BR> cem=cnewdt.getMinutes();<BR> ces=cnewdt.getSeconds();<BR> if (ceh&#060;10)<BR> ceh="0" + ceh;<BR> if (cem&#060;10)<BR> cem="0"+cem;<BR> if (ces&#060;10)<BR> ces="0"+ces;<BR> document.ctmfm.ctm.value = "" + ceh+":"+cem+":"+ces;<BR> ctmnow=setTimeout("cstarttm()",1000);<BR> }<BR><BR> function Start(page) {<BR> OpenWin =, "CtrlWindow",<BR> "toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes,width=400,height=200");}<BR><BR> //--><BR> <BR>You can use the following JavaScript:<BR><BR><BR>&#060;/SCRIPT><BR>&#060;/head><BR>&#060;body vlink="#ff6600" link="#ff6600" onload="cstarttm()" onunload="cendtm()"><BR>&#060;form name="ctmfm" size=8>&#060;input type="text" name="ctm" size ="8">&#060;/form><BR>&#060;/body><BR>&#060;/html>

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    krish Guest

    Default How to enable remote scripting in Visual Interdev 6.0

    Using page object and global server side procedure I have defined<BR>execute method for the page object. When I call that remote<BR>procedure from the client , I am getting error message "Page<BR>is not enabled for remote scripting". <BR><BR>Any help ?<BR>

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