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    Dhwani Mehta Guest

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    I have come across a job where i have to show an exe on an asp page. The page will contain the usual html coding as well as in the middle table, i have to show output of an exe file created in vb. Its a small file with output of 10 stock prices showing up on the table. I need to find out how i can include it on to the asp page using vb script. I would appreciate your help in this. Thank you.<BR>

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    If you&#039re trying to execute a console based executable & output the results it won&#039t happen. Obviously this exe file is accessing data somewhere. Just learn up on ADO & retrieve the data into a recordset based on a sql statement & output those records.<BR><BR>G&#039Luck

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    Andrew Badera Guest

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    you could use a shell object to execute the exe, dump the output to a text file, then use an FSO to pull the content of that file into your page ...

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    Default Convert exe to dll...

    Convert the VB .exe to a .dll and have it return the data as an array instead of as text. THEN you have a hope of making it work well in ASP.<BR><BR>If the VB code creates a formatted screen display, forget it. Can you imagine the annoyance of the system operator who has to keep killing that display every time a user tries to get your ASP page????<BR><BR><BR>

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    al dawg Guest

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    Providing you&#039re allowed to install homebrewed (or downloaded) asp components, that&#039s the best option. I used that option to take my company 401k information from yahoo to allow users that do not have internet to still read live stock quotes. Works rather well in fact. Definately the best solution.<BR>

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