Hi,<BR><BR>I got hold of the EZSite upload free software, I am sure some of you are familiar with it.<BR><BR>Can anyone explain part of the installation instructions to me, I quote:<BR><BR>"After unzipping &#039UpLoadLite.zip&#039 you will have to do<BR>only one thing to begin running UpLoad LITE [You must unzip<BR>&#039UpLoadLite.zip&#039 in a directory with asp access.]"<BR><BR>Does this mean unzip into a folder on my website? (which I don&#039t know how to do)<BR><BR>Or a folder on my hard drive?<BR><BR>Just not sure how to get it working. Sorry if this sounds dense, go easy on a beginner please.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Tim<BR>