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    Sharron Ashton Guest

    Default Bedtime SQL reading Please ??

    I&#039m amazed by the help on the forum, thanks to all.<BR>I think I need a decent SQL referance that will be suitable for a beginner to understand but will provide a sound grounding in more advanced topics. A book with examples would be most preferable.<BR>Any help grafefully received<BR><BR>Shazzy

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    Hi Shazzy. Here&#039s a mail message I got a while back. I haven&#039t checked out the book myself, but it comes recommended.<BR><BR>Latest version is called Mastering SQL - ISBN 0-7821-2538-7.<BR><BR>Amazon link:<BR><BR><BR><BR>That URL may well wrap so be careful out there people.<BR><BR>Peter Horton<BR><BR><BR>~&#062;<BR>~&#062; Hey! What SQL book is that? Sounds like a good one ~&#062; if it discusses self-joins that well. (The thing<BR>~&#062; I learned from had an example in one of the samples, ~&#062; only, and I figured out what it was doing with a bit ~&#062; of experimentation. Would have been nice to have<BR>~&#062; it explained in clear language!) ~<BR>~Understanding SQL by Martin Gruber (Sybex) ~<BR>~I like it.<BR>

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    Default Joe Celko's SQL For Smarties

    Joe Celko&#039s SQL for Smarties (2nd ed.) is more my style of bedtime reading as it covers strange and unusual sorts of things you can do with SQL-92 (as opposed to being basic reference). It&#039s on the list of "also boughts" from the Mastering SQL posted recommendation. To give it a bit of credibility, Celko was on the standards board that developed SQL-92.<BR><BR>I&#039ve also used O&#039Reilly&#039s Programming Access (or whterever it was titled -- anteater book), as a good portion of it is basic relational database theory completely independent of Access. It won&#039t help you much with your ASP, but if you&#039re just getting started with databases, it might be worth a look.<BR><BR>On a related note, O&#039Reilly has a SQL-99 book (SQL in a Nutshell) coming out soon. Hardly bedtime reading, but I&#039ll probably be getting a copy for my desk...<BR><BR>HiH,<BR>SPG

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    Default RE: Bedtime SQL reading Please ??

    I started with SQL from the ground up ... A bit too simple for the second part of your request but I found it to be useful as introductory material.

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