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    Greg Mouning Guest

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    Hello,<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; If I&#039m not using the correct forum for my question, please forgive me.<BR>&#062; I&#039m looking for some pointers on how to make my dynamic chart self updating. In otherwords, I&#039d would like to open my web page and display a chart which updates the chart automatically after 1 to 5 minutes. I&#039m using VB, ASP, perlwin32, MSAccess database /dat.txt file.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; Any guidance or references would greatly be appreciated.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062; Sincerely,<BR>&#062; Greg M

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    Mark Guest

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    Hi Greg,<BR><BR>You could use IntrChart ( By either automatically activating the ASP page every 5 mins, or putting a timer (be careful if your server is loaded) into the ASP page, IntrChart will dynamically update the chart from the dataabse.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Mark

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