im creating a recipies page and need to give the user freedom of movement , by which i mean he/she can dynamically get to a recipie using many paths. Basically i need to let the user keep refining a db listing by his/her choice in path. EG i want a &#060;greek&#062; recipie *this will generate the page of greek recipies, then i want a &#060;spicy&#062; recipie , *value then becomes a &#060;greek, spicy&#062; recipie list from a DB file and so on, for about 5 values.continually narrowing the db down. is there a way to do this? clone the db and delete as u go? - i also saw an article on how to dynamically link text from a query result to a page and wqas wondering if ne1 had info on that , any help on either issue would be MUCH appreciated : )<BR>mail : thanx!