The form I have for people to fill out for their schedule has fields for date and time. I have the display of the events sorted by date first and then the time (which seems to only be able to sort the time correctly when the database Data Type for the field is set to Date/Time with an input field of <BR>99:00:00 &#062;L ;0;_<BR>Otherwise it doesn&#039t sort the times correctly (e.g. it says 1AM comes after 11AM, etc,). If there is a way around this without adding fields to my database, I would appreciate the info. <BR>So, my prob is, I want people to 1) enter in the information (if they don&#039t enter anything, it brings up a Type Mismatch error since it&#039s not formatted for the field) and 2) enter the info in the correct format. So i need to know how to error check that or find a simpler way of doing all this. It seems way too much work for what I want to do. <BR><BR>My essential goal is to have people enter in and be able to change starting and ending dates and times for events (although I would like it to be an optional field if possible), have it sorted on a display by date first and then time, and have it in the format of hh:mm AM/PM (e.g. "10:00 AM" or "1:00 PM"). Only reply to this if you&#039ve delt with this specific issue with the times sorting and such. I&#039ve worked a long time trying to figure this stuff out so I need someone who is not going to feed me a line of crap saying "try this, I don&#039t know if it works or not." Thanks for your help in advance. I really need this to wrok. (obviously i&#039m somewhat irritable by now..)<BR><BR>BTW, I know I should show the code for what I already have, but it&#039s so huge right now it would take me forever to sort thru it to find exactly what is needed, if you can help me without knowing my code.. like giving examples of what might work, i would appreciate it. If you need my code, then just say so, and i&#039ll post it. Thanks.