Hi<BR>My problem is a bit difficult to explain so I just describe the scenario and what is the result from it.<BR><BR>My asp page will actually open a browser (using open method) window evertime user navigates to my site. When a window navigates to my site (called in parent A), the child window opens (called it child A). When i launch another window (from desktop) and navigates to my site again, another new window will open (called them parent B and child B).<BR>The result when broswer properties "Browse in new process" is set are as follows<BR>parent A and child A have different session ID.<BR>parent A and parent B have different session ID.<BR>Both result are expected; But the strange part is that child A and child B have the same sessionID. Why is it so ? How can I made them unique?<BR><BR>I running on window NT and using IE4<BR>Thks<BR>Blur