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    I get the following from my logfile:<BR><BR>Date:2000-11-06 Time:19:31:01 C-IP: - S-IP: S-Port:80 CS-Method:POST CS-uri-stem:/t/input4.asp - CS-uri-query:200 SC-status:Mozilla/4.73+[en]+(Win98;+U)CS User-Agent<BR><BR>How do I find out who the C-IP (in this case is? Thanks for your help.

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    you should open the ms dos prompt and type the command:<BR>tracert<BR><BR>Wait a little and then you have the server that belongs this IP as well the list of the servers that your Ip went through to find it!<BR><BR>Also, you use some of the freeware programs that do the same in a visual app.<BR><BR>www.tucows.com<BR>www.download.com

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