CDONTS Error Problems.

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Thread: CDONTS Error Problems.

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    janix Guest

    Default CDONTS Error Problems.

    Hey Friends,<BR> Well, I am getting CDONTS Errors now. The error is Invalid String something or another. Anyone have any idea&#039s as to what this is? Thanks. <BR><BR>PS - It happens just when I try to Create the ServerObject.<BR><BR>janix

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    wandered Guest

    Default RE: CDONTS Error Problems.

    If you can&#039t create the object I think you may not have it installed on the server.<BR><BR>What system do you have?

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    janix Guest

    Default RE: CDONTS Error Problems. - Wanderer

    Wanderer,<BR> I use NT Workstation and I currently have Post.Office installed as my SMTP Server. I thought CDONTS just acted as a client to your SMTP Server though?<BR><BR>janix

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