URLEncode doesn't work with Hebrew?

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Thread: URLEncode doesn't work with Hebrew?

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    samel Guest

    Default URLEncode doesn't work with Hebrew?

    Is there a problem with URLEncode and Hebrew characters? Seems like there are extra %20&#039s in the querystring.<BR><BR>Also noticed that microsoft seems to avoid encoding anything but ansi text in their links on http://www.msn.co.il.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Default Wow...it should...

    How strange! It works with Japanese, so far as I can tell.<BR><BR>Any idea *where* the extra %20&#039s (those are spaces, I presume you knew) are coming from?<BR><BR>If necessary, we could write a custom encoder that would be guaranteed to work.<BR><BR>(Of course, if you used &#060;FORM Method=Post&#062;.... )<BR><BR>

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    samel Guest

    Default RE: Wow...it should...

    Thanks, Bill. Good to know it works with Japanese so it&#039s probably something else. Maybe the spaces are sneaking in from the database, although I think we Trim() everything. Oh well time to debug..

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