AAHHHHHHH...Netscape vs IE Need help ASAP!

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Thread: AAHHHHHHH...Netscape vs IE Need help ASAP!

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    Someone, Anyone,<BR><BR>I have a frames page 3 frames that are viewable with IE and NOT viewable in Netscape, (probably an older version) and Needs to be viewable in ALL browsers.<BR><BR>Desperately need line of code, ASAP!!! Indebted to you, diedre

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    We can&#039t tell you what&#039s wrong for sure unless you show us the code. But here are some guesses.<BR><BR>My first guess would be that you haven&#039t closed your frameset tags. Every &#060;FRAMESET&#062; needs a matching &#060;/FRAMESET&#062;.<BR><BR>My second guess would be that you have spaces in the names of the pages. TCP/IP can&#039t transmit spaces. IE is nice enough to fix your code by adding the escape code "%20" in place of the spaces when it sends the urls to the server. Netscape expects you to code it right in the first place. It&#039s best to avoid spaces in filenames when working on the internet. But if you must use them, your urls must use %20 in place of any spaces in the filename.<BR><BR>If it&#039s not one of those two things then see if you can successfully load each page of the frameset individually in Netscape. A problem in the pages themselves, like a missing style sheet, might be preventing them from working when inside of the Frameset.

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