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    Is there a way to control/set the order in which input items in a table are selected via the tab key. I have two input text boxes and two input images in a table. In IE things work fine: textbox1 {TAB}--&#062; textbox2 {TAB}--&#062; image1 {TAB}--&#062; image2. But in Netscape it goes: textbox1 {TAB}--&#062; textbox2 {TAB}--&#062; image2 {TAB}--&#062; no where! I can never Tab to image1. <BR><BR>Any hel would be appreciated<BR>

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    There is, as far as I know, no Netscape equivalent (yet).<BR>You could force it, by using<BR>onblur=&#039document.formname.elementname .focus()&#039<BR>BUT this may cause problems for the user (like: can&#039t type anything in adressbar, ...)<BR>B.

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