I am developing an intranet application. I am developing using visual studio 6 (VB6 IIS applications) and personal web server (PWS) on a windows 98 machine. The production machine is a windows 2000 advanced server running IIS5. Also MSXML2.0.<BR>My application works in PWS but I am having issues in IIS.<BR><BR>Issue 1.<BR>I am storing xml document object references in session variables. Using the production environment I find that the object references are not actually stored. When single stepping through the code I am not getting any errors, but the session variable remains empty after the folloeing code:<BR>set session("xmldom") = xmldom<BR>I am using free threaded xml document model.<BR><BR>Issue 2.<BR>I am assigning session variables to a text field returned from a SQL7 record set.<BR>I get the following error in the production environment: <BR>error number: 80070005<BR>Error: 006~ASP 0185~Missing Default Property~A default property was not found for the object.<BR><BR>If I first assign the record set field to a string variable and then assign the the string to the session variable I do not get this error.<BR><BR>