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    Isaac Guest

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    Situtation: <BR><BR>I have a rsRecordset that is dynamically giving me a bunch of variables from a table. I am using those variables to pass in a hyperlink such as:<BR>&#060;a href="mynewwebpage.asp?domainname=&#060;%rsRecords et("domainid")&#062; rsRecordset("domainname")&#060;/a&#062;. The domainid is being passed to an ado method then a stored procedure which is using the domainid as a filter to retrieve specific information from a table which will be used to populate mynewwebpage.asp.<BR><BR>Question:<BR><BR>Is it possible to navigate through the rsRecordset so that users can go to the next record of the rsRecordset using my web page (which was created dynamically) as an interface?<BR><BR>I would appreciate any type of advice.<BR><BR>Isaac

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    MG Guest

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    Yes<BR>You can setup paging. Most examples use 10 records per page. Just set your to 1. You can see a good example at

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    Isaac Guest

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    MG,<BR><BR>Thank you your reply really helped. Have a good one!<BR><BR>Isaac

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