Panic- (A.answer like "*" & M.master & "*") into A

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Thread: Panic- (A.answer like "*" & M.master & "*") into A

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    A.answer like "*" & M.master & "*"<BR><BR>The above snippet does EXACTLY what I NEED in Access2000 (I cannot figure out another way to do it) <BR>When I try to convert this SQL code so that it runs from an ASP page I am getting really confused by the whole quote/double quote paradox. The above code looks like it is ASP already but this is exact cut from SQL view in Access. I have tried tons of variations but nothing works for me, this is my lastest version, it doesn&#039t return an error but it doesn&#039t return the right value either.<BR>A.answer Like &#039*&#039&M.Master&&#039*&#039<BR><BR>Any help would be WILDY appreciated, can&#039t go home till it works!

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    Try this....<BR>From Like "*Thing" .....FOr ASP Convert it to ....<BR>Like &#039%Thing&#039<BR><BR>Asp Rules !!<BR>where you find Double Quotes change to Single Quotes and Wildcard change from * to %<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Regards,<BR>Andrew

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