ASP output formatting issue.

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Thread: ASP output formatting issue.

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    Charles Wheeler Guest

    Default ASP output formatting issue.

    Allo all. It&#039s me again. I have a question/issue. Any feedback would be much appreciated...<BR><BR>I have a page that allows the user to query my database, then display the results of that query in a table.<BR><BR>The question is this:<BR><BR>How can one have the output formatted to their specific requirements? (i.e. I would like to have a two-columned table be the template I use for the output.)<BR><BR>I hope this was clear enough. If not I would be more than happy to show the actual page(code) I&#039m dealing with.<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Charles

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    Akhilesh Dealer Guest

    Default What was your question again

    just use the &#060;table&#062; and have only 2 cols.<BR><BR>Sorry but you have not explained properly.<BR><BR>Tell what you are doing and what is happening. Show code if ytou can BUT DO NOT copy and paste the entire code. Show only what you feel is necessary

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