Passing a variable through the querystring in Java

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Thread: Passing a variable through the querystring in Java

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    Default Passing a variable through the querystring in Java

    I am using aspupload for one of my programs and I need to create directories on the fly. To accomplish this I have to pass a variable called category through the querystring. This variable holds a single digit number ex(1 or 2 or 3). I was able to insert it into the querystring, but with the method I used it does not submit the form. It meerly changes your location. Since I am using asp upload you do not have access to your form collection only the Request.querystring works. Has anyone every attempted to do this before? If not can someone try to figure out how to pass the variable through the querystring using Javascript and submit the form. You do not have access to the upload.form method until you use the method!!! I have to create the folder before using the method.

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    &#060;form action="processor.asp?var=varvalue" method="post"&#062;<BR><BR>you don&#039t need javascript (unless you plan to write the var from script)<BR><BR>j

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