I created a user login system. They insert their email (used as their login id), name, company, email, etc, and a password. The info is then stored in the database under the table "visitors". Their email (or loginID) is being stored as a "Session" (I believe thats thr right term, I&#039m still new to this). For instance, once they are logged in, I can display this:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Write "You are currently logged in as " & Session("loginemail")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Or if I wanted to send their loginID to be automatically inserted into a form field:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" name="fulfill" size="30" value="&#060;%=Session("loginemail")%&#062;"&#062; <BR><BR>So the email is being stored as you can see. Once they login and get to secure.asp, they can continue on to needs.asp page. This page has a list of "needs" our company needs fulfilled. It is being displayed from the "needs" table in our database (same database that the "visitors" table is in). They can browse then needs, and if they wish to fulfill one, click a button that says "OK" next to the corresponding need, sending that persons loginID (email) to the table "needs" under the column "fulfill". This lets us which user logged in hit the button and for which need so we can get in contact with them. That is where we are having trouble. Each need is auto-numbered. Here is a page so you can view the soruce of the login.asp page:<BR><BR>http://data.intellicon.com/USItest/secure/login.asp.html<BR><BR>The secure.asp page:<BR><BR>http://data.intellicon.com/USItest/secure/secure.asp.html<BR><BR>And the needs.asp page:<BR><BR>http://data.intellicon.com/USItest/secure/needs.asp.html<BR><BR>Right now, all the needs.asp page is doing is making a little form, and submitting their email they logged in with into each one. When they click ok, it submits their email to the "Needs" table in the database under the correct column, but not under the specific record they want to fulfill. That&#039s what we need. If you would like to test it out for yourself, go ahead and make a login and everything and try it out:<BR><BR>http://data.intellicon.com/USItest/secure/login.asp<BR><BR>Like I said, each record has its own ID Number. So when they click the "OK" button, their email just needs to be submitted into that correct ID row.<BR><BR>On the needs.asp page, as there is just one button that is being repeated with each record. The tables from the database are being show through frontpage&#039s database results wizard if you needed to know. I can display it by just exporting the "needs" table from access to a .asp page, that works too if its easier to write or change the code so it works properly.<BR><BR>I know there are some problems, for instance now if you click "OK", it will refresh needs.asp without the emails in the fields any more, and you cant pick to fulfill another need without going "back" on your browser or re-logging in.<BR><BR>To sum it up, they click the OK button now, its adding a whole new row (with a new ID number since its all auto-numbered) with no relation to which need they want to fulfill. There needs to be a relation between the two. Thanks for your help, you can contact me at dbell@intellicon.com if needed. Thanks.<BR><BR><BR><BR>