Session.Variable vs. Cookie, which is better

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Thread: Session.Variable vs. Cookie, which is better

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    Someone told me that cookies are better than session.variables because some sites are being set up now so that if a page is requested, the requested page may not be on the same server and different servers can&#039t keep track of session.variables.<BR><BR>Is that true? And even if it isn&#039t are cookies better, by which I mean more reliable or more efficient, than session.variables?

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    Cookies can be useful because they allow you to store information specific to a particular visitor on that visitor&#039s PC. For example storing how a particular person views your site. Unlike session variables, they need not expire but can be rejected (or eaten) by the visitors software.<BR>Session variables are short term and expire when the session However, they are not written to the visitors PC. They can be useful for storing expirable variables for example shopping cart items.<BR><BR>Since server variables are stored on your own server you need not have any problems keeping track of them.

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