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    Okay...I have a search page that let&#039s users search by keyword in 3 columns in a table using LIKE and one column where a Status has to be = to 2. However, for some reason it ignores the last criteria. Here is my SQL statement:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE MyTable.[Column1] Like &#039%" & (Request.Form("SearchCriteria")) & "%&#039 OR MyTable.[Column2] Like &#039%" & (Request.Form("SearchCriteria")) & "%&#039 OR MyTable.[Column3] Like &#039%" & (Request.Form("SearchCriteria")) & "%&#039 AND MyTable.[Status]=2<BR><BR>For some reason, it does the keyword search fine. However, it still pulls up records where the Status=1, which it shouldn&#039t. Any ideas?

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    The problem is your use of OR and AND. Right now you are saying:<BR><BR>if column1 = whatever OR column2 = whatever OR column3 = whatever OR column4 = whatever AND column5 = 2<BR><BR>This will return any column1 that matches whatever, any column2 that matches whatever, any column3 that matches whatever, and any column4 that matches whatever and has column5 = 2. Instead, you need to do:<BR><BR>if column1 = whatever AND column5 = 2 OR column2 = whatever AND column5 = 2...etc.<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Chris

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was so obvious that I looked right over it. Thanks again!!! The app is working great now.

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