Can div have bgcolor?

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    Hello,<BR>Please help.....I have a page which a graphic artist designed. I am an asp programmer. The graphic artist used &#060;div&#062; in the page which is annoying me. Question...How can I make a bgcolor=white with the &#060;div&#062; tag? I have tried, but deemed unsuccessful. I am more used to &#060;table&#062;. Thanks in advance.

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    stylesheets<BR><BR>bgclor is deprecated. if you don&#039t know stylesheets, you should learn -<BR><BR>tip : Netscape 4.x will not support background in CSS unless you specifiy a border color too. (it&#039s a bug)<BR><BR>j

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    Default Use background-color style attribute

    Use the following:<BR><BR>&#060;DIV style="background-color: yourcolor;"&#062;

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