Thanks to Chad for your suggestion. I should clarify the problem. The text is defined as a style. There is a column of individual words at the left side of the browser window and a style-defined window at the right side.<BR><BR>Currently, when the mouse cursor is passed over the word, the word&#039s color changes from grey to blue to highlight it, but I want the onmouseover event to also change the text in the window at the right. This is being done by assigning names to each "div id" and is executed in the onclick event by stating onclick="descBox.innerHTML=SCCBox.innerHTML", SCCBox being the reference to the particular block of text to display.<BR><BR>What I need to know is how to pass the SCCBox.innerHTML generically to the function which is called by onmouseover. It works if I specify which text to display as above. Is this description of the problem clearer?<BR><BR>Thanks