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    Hi there. I have a table that is populated with data extracted from our database. The users can navigate to the next/previous 10 records, and they can also remove a row from the table.<BR><BR>The remove functionality works like this: if a user clicks on "Remove", a JavaScript confirmation box appears. If the user clicks on "OK" in this confirm box, they go to another ASP page which calls a stored procedure that performs the delete, then redirects back to the original page (the one with the table). All behind the scenes.<BR><BR>Now, this may be a silly question, but I&#039m going to ask it anyway. Is there a way to redirect the user back to the section of the table they were on when they clicked on Remove? For example, if the user navigates to records 10-20 and deletes record 17, is there a way that the remove.asp page can redirect them back to the table with records 10-20 showing? <BR><BR>Can this be done server-side, or will I need to use JavaScript? I tried with JavaScript, and I managed to get the user to stay on the same page when they clicked on "Remove", but the page didn&#039t automatically refresh, so they don&#039t see that the delete worked until they clicked on refresh. So if anyone knows how to automatically refresh a page in Javascript after a confirmation box is closed, then I could use that answer as well.<BR><BR>Thanks so much.

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    While calling the other page where you are deleting the row pass also the pagenumber (in which the recorset is now) and while redircting the page back to the intial page pass the pagenumber as a querystring, pick the value from the query string and move the recordset to the particular page. Hope this will solve ur problem

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    Default Thank you!!

    Thank you very much. It worked.

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