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    I&#039m using InterDev and am looking for an alternate to using CDONTS to send email. Here are exerts from the CDONTS that has not worked with our client(but it will email to us). Do you see anything wrong with this code and if not, how else can we get this form to email our client without using CDONTS? <BR><BR>email = ""<BR>Set sendmail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>sendmail. To = ""<BR>sendmail.Send

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    Ya it is a pain in the *** to use a cdonts, it some times dosent gets configured well with the iis, there are quite some other methods to send mails, you can try using the database extended storeprocedures to send mails instead of cdonts, it is quite fast, if the database is sqlserver use xp_sendmail but the server should have an mail client installed in the machine, if you are sending mails in plain text format this is a good one to implement.

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