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    OK, I am new to the idea of ASP+ so forgive me if my questions seem small. I have ready some articles now and a book, but I here that ASP+ (at least scott said) should be out in November (Beta 1). What will it run off? IIS? PWS? something else? Also can we start developing in it when the beat comes out. I am very anxious to dive into this from ASP. Although I am a bit scared cause I really dont have a C+ or VB background. So is there any references we can see to start learning the syntax and capabilities of C#. Since I was told this was the langauage we have to develop in?

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    You should join the ASP+ lists that are on http://www.asplists.com<BR>That might be a better way to get a quick answer. I read a post today from a MS guy that beta 2 will be considered a testing production version. That is when you should consider running your production ASP+ apps.<BR><BR>You are not required to develop in C#. You can develop in VB, C# or other languages. Take a look at these sites to answer your questions<BR>http://www.aspng.com<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com<BR>http://www.aspnextgen.com<BR>http://www.abcaspx.com<BR>http://www.aspfree.com<BR><BR>Have fun.

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    Currently ASPNextGen.com is running entirely in ASP+. That is not an endorsement. We are running pre-beta bits on the site, which is a bit risky. We have the ability to monitor the site frequently, and we are running on a dedicated server.<BR><BR>Bear in mind that there will be some coding changes by RTM, so anything developed now may likely break, at least to some degree, in the release version. I would not build any production environments that you are depending on until at least Beta 2. ASPNextGen.com is a cross over between a production system and our own public testing ground. Our primary business site, CodeJunkies.Net is still running ASP 3.0.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>CodeJunkies.Net / ASPNextGen.com

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