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Thread: AddNew/Update and multiple tables

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    Is it possible to add new records (or update) where the recordset is based on more than one table?<BR><BR>In Access you can sometimes do this and sometimes not - dependng whether it can identify the table to be updated. Is it the same in ASP?<BR>

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    For inserts/updates, you&#039re better off to use...<BR><BR>INSERT INTO MYTABLE (FIELD1, FIELD2, FIELD3) VALUES (VAL1, VAL2, VAL3)<BR>&#039remember to use apostrophes if they are non-numeric fields<BR>&#039and dates except in Access where dates are framed with #s<BR><BR>UPDATE MYTABLE SET FIELD1 = VAL1 WHERE FIELD2 = SOMECRITERION<BR>&#039again, remember the apostrophes or #s

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