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    I&#039m going to make an intranet for the company I work for. But I don&#039t want to be the guy who updates the info/data dokuments after the site is <BR><BR>done. So what I want to know is methods to make it as easy as possible. Most of the ppl here at work don&#039t know any HTML etc, and I don&#039t want to <BR><BR>make hundreds of forms for every page for them to post into an database.<BR><BR>So? any suggestions? applications? solutions? what is normal?<BR>

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    Well I believe that as the site designer and programmer, it is your responsibility to provide all the forms necessary for the users to update all the required data. <BR><BR>You just need to look at all the different data items that need updating. Group them into the queries and create forms to display and enter the data. You also need to ensure that on each form that displays data for editing that there is a unique key relating the data back to the database.

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    The other possibility to using ASP forms to update the database is to allow someone competent with databases to update the data more directly, perhaps using tha databases own forms.<BR><BR>It really depends on the amount of time you have to spend.

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