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    Hello! <BR>I&#039m a newbe in ASP. I have a form <BR>&#060;form name="first" method="post" action="DBpage.asp"&#062;<BR>and text<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="Surname" value=""&#062; <BR>on it. I need to set focus on that text when I show my form.<BR>How can I do it in ASP tags &#060;% ..%&#062;<BR>Thanks ahead

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    Something which is done on client side i.e. javascript<BR>Outside the &#060;% %&#062;<BR><BR>function window_onload() {<BR>document.first.Surname.focus();<BR>}<BR>

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    I forget that I have to put document.first.Surname.focus();<BR> in JavaScript tags

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