Hi, I am looking for an easier way to manage articles on my website. I need to be able to change the layout/look and feel of the web site without having to change so many html files.<BR><BR>One idea I had was to use ASP. I could create a template file which has everything set up except the article content itself. <BR><BR>Then create separate files for each article, which only includes the article text and basic paragraphing, sub-heading etc. html code. <BR><BR>In the link to the article I could have something like. &#060;a href="base.asp?articlename"&#062;The Article&#060;/a&#062; <BR><BR>Then I could take the articlename which is passed through the link, add .html (or whatever the article files are) to the end and retrieve and print the file into the page. The code to do this would be in the base.asp file. <BR><BR>I have got this working, but was just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for another approach.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.