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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I need some advice for my next project.. I just can&#039t get my head around it.<BR><BR>Basically, I work for a television station. Before we air television commercials, we must get a validation number from a third party to say the ad is suitable for television.<BR><BR>Twice a day, our station is sent a .dbf (FoxPro) file with all the ads we will be screening, and gives us the authorisation number for each ad.<BR><BR>I would like to set this all into an SQL database (I can set this all up), but I would like to know the simplest way of actually getting it there. There are lots of duplicated records that I would only want inputted once.<BR><BR>Can anyone offer any advice on what solutions I should look in to? Would creating a fileobject and uploading it be efficient? Im not sure how to work it tho.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated as all I can think of is uploading the records one by one :(<BR><BR>Thanks for reading this my friend<BR>Batty.<BR><BR>

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    whenever i have to pull data from one format to another, i use script. generally i write .vbs files and run them straight from my desktop, but you could do this from .asp<BR><BR>it&#039s quite involved, really and depends heavily on the database structure.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Batty Guest

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    Thanks Atrax :)<BR><BR>I&#039ve decided to do it in Access.. import the .dbf file and link an sql one and copy the data over with a query :)<BR><BR>Hoo ray!! :)

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