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    ...like that on www.ljeto.com<BR>(in english "ljeto" means summer).<BR>To understand anything, click on english link!<BR><BR>Well, I want to make simple pages with 500 entries just like those on the link above, but more flexible with more searchable components like price or if it has satelite dish and etc.<BR><BR>So, it will have to have radio buttons or check buttons and stuff like that. Is there any cheap ready-to-use solution or anything like that (script maybe)? What database should I use?<BR><BR>It&#039s complex question,<BR>Thank you

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    I would say create the script yourself, you then know the ins and outs, and can readily add features. You could easily have a search where you could give check boxes for all the options the people have, and then write a script to write your SQL query based on what they input. Besides, what&#039s cheaper than making it yourself? the SQL query would probably look something like this.<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM accomodations WHERE price&#060;=200 AND satellite=&#039yes&#039 AND etc...<BR><BR>See what I&#039m getting at? As far as the DB to use? Depends on how big the site&#039s going to be I guess, and the amount of traffic being generated.<BR><BR>Steve<BR><BR>

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