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    I want to take information from a form and using an insert sql statement write it to an access database. Every field writes to the database except the password field. The following is the sql statement:<BR>sSQL = "INSERT INTO tblSecurity(name,email,userID,password,userlevel)V ALUES(&#039" &strUserName&"&#039,&#039"&strEmail&"&#039,&#039"& strUserID&"&#039,&#039"&strPassword&"&#039,1)"<BR> can anyone see why this will not work<BR> Dconn.Execute sSQL<BR> Dconn.Close<BR> Set Dconn = Nothing<BR><BR>

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    Put a space before VALUES

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    If that doesn&#039t work try a Response.Write of the password variable. Who knows? Maybe it is empty.<BR><BR>Response.Write "&ltBR&gtPassword entered:" & strPassword

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