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    Hello,<BR> <BR>I am about to switching my domain name to a provider that supports ASP. My current provider offers me a very useful service: any email addressed to a is redirected to a common account that me and my partner can both access. That means that if me or her are gone, the other can access company&#039s emails.<BR> <BR>Problem: my new provider is telling me they do not redirect emails. Can anyone suggest anyway around this problem? Can I use ASP to redirect myself emails coming to my domain? Is there any commercial service that will do that for us (assuming one can have the web files sitting on one server and the emails on another...)<BR> <BR>Thank you for any suggestion,<BR> <BR>Luca

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    Who&#039s the new provider? Do you have a link to them? I could give you a more definitive answer if I could see their hosting plans. Anyways, see if they offer a catch-all, basically, it&#039s an addy that you designate that will receive any and all emails sent to your domain that are not to an existing account.<BR><BR>If they don&#039t have that service, then see how many POP accounts you can have. Setup one for yourself, and one for your partner as personal accounts, and then setup one account as a joint one, where all company email goes to.<BR><BR>

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