caching recordset to client w/ ASP and Javascript

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Thread: caching recordset to client w/ ASP and Javascript

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    JCharbneau Guest

    Default caching recordset to client w/ ASP and Javascript

    Hi,<BR> I&#039m making a message board for my website and I want to cache my ASP recordset into Javascript arrays. Basically I will only be caching date, time, subject, user_who_posted, user_email, isParent values. What i&#039m hoping to achieve is a tree structure that is collapsable(?) using javascript but the data is still there and no need to go to the server every time a user clicks. Does anyone know of how to do this or maybe a website to get me off rolling. Thanks in advance.

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    JCharbneau Guest

    Default Would XML be better to use?

    Hi again, reading some of the previous threads I notcied a lot of talk about XML, would this be better to use than Javascript array&#039s? Thanks for the help.

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    GH Guest

    Default RE: probably not

    It won&#039t be supported by all client browsers -- they have to have a parser. The XML data islands would only be supported by IE.

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    Default RE: Would XML be better to use?

    not sure im ENTIRELY right about what you are trying to do, but your best bet would be to generate the javascript to declare the array with ASP...<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"&#062;<BR>var stuff = new Array();<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim i<BR>i=0<BR>while Not rs.eof<BR>%&#062;<BR>stuff[&#060;%=i&#062;] = "&#060;%=rs(0)%&#062;";<BR>&#060;%<BR>rs.movenext< BR>i=i+1<BR>next%&#062;<BR><BR>or something to that extent

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